Thursday- August 16

Today was our recording day. Recording is very exciting! We get to sing all day,

no audience to worry about, it’s only that little mike we sing into, a room with

good acoustics, plenty water, food to quench the rumble, what more could one

wish for?


But let me start with the beginning. Fact is, the start happened really early…

got a long day ahead, you know… At 7:15 we headed down to Gustav’s dinning

room. There we slowly and thoughtfully munched on some breakfast – like it is

when dreams are cut short.


Next we embarked into 2 vans that were to take us to a Baptist church in Warsaw

where we would record. Lloyd instructed us to proceed to do personal warm ups

after 45 min into the ride and this we tried to accomplish. Aaaahs and oooos on

many pitches were heard all around, well chatting and just singing was good

enough warm ups for some. It was also a very appropriate time to learn (or I

taught) the song Rege-al Regilor, Domn al Domnilor – King of Kings and Lord of

Lords, in Romanian.


Upon arriving at the Baptist church we were in action. First, a couple different

positions… to achieve the sweetest sound that our distinguished choir can put

forth. Next more warmups: na-no-na-no-na mu-mu-mu-mu all on tune and kept very

light most of the time.


The church had a piano, orange seats and great acoustics but unfortunately it

was not placed in a favorable recording environment. Our singing had much extra

accompaniment: jack hammers, trucks and traffic, city noise. Very soon into it,

Lloyd and all of us agreed that recording was not to be done there. Some thought

was given and prayer lifted. Then a little patience was exerted as some other

possibilities were considered. A few gifted piano players made joyful noises

come forth from the piano.


Lavern soon thought of a certain Baptist seminary with a wonderful auditorium.

He contacted the people there and the way was smooth for us to go there.


That was surely an answer to prayer and a real blessing as it proved to be a

most wonderful place. The Baptist seminary is placed somewhere in a forest, in a

quiet and remote location – just perfect. But we were permitted to use it for

Thursday only as they were to have a conference on Friday. Lloyd stated that we

would not record previously recorded songs of Hope Singers so this eliminated 4

songs from our recording repertoire.


So with only one day for recording, there was a lot of work ahead. It seemed

that everyone was very attentive and very involved and song after song were

captured by 2 mikes perched on top of a tall stand. Eddie was our recording

engineer, Adam was his assistant. Lloyd was very patient, wise and above all,

most enduring. His hands were never tiring, his ears very sharp and energy

supply like in the youthful days.


Lunch was provided by the seminary cook and it was delicious indeed. It happened

somewhere around 3:30. Later in the afternoon the girls recorded their 2 songs

during which us guys had a welcome break. Next, the men recorded their 2 songs

while the girls enjoyed a break. Credit must be given to the ladies because they

exerted their polish tongue much more profoundly. They recorded one song in both

English and Polish and one in Polish only. The men songs are both in English.

Polish is not silk and breeze.


Lavern made us all happy by bringing supper at about 8PM: subs from the original

subway. We had more recording to do after supper and Praise the Lord all was

concluded at about exactly 10PM. Among some other songs recorded after supper we

had another take on the Russian song and I think it sounded most Russian than we

could ever make it – our voices were quite thick and resonant in the evening

hour. Lloyd ended with a prayer of thanks and, after clearing and cleaning the

auditorium we once again hopped in the 2 vans and were headed to the Gustav



The day was long, fulfilling and, since “10 minutes are precious on Hope

Singers” what more can we say about a whole free day coming up tomorrow…


-Manu Ciocan

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