Tour Dates

July 15 - August 6, 2024

This will mark the twentieth anniversary of the Hope Singers first tour to Poland. The choir is sponsored by Anabaptist International Mission, and supports them as a musical ministry in churches with whom they have established connections across Poland.

Singers of any level of experience are welcomed to apply, and are evaluated on a combination of musical experience and security, spiritual commitment and personal maturity. Musical evaluation is done by applicants completing a musical self-evaluation form, providing a recorded audition, and providing personal musical references who may be contacted. Participants must be age 18 or older.

The Hope Singers are committed to the dual purposes of a high-quality program of sacred music, and of significant spiritual connection with people. While familiarity with English is increasing in Poland, deeper connections are still more accessible in one’s own heart language. Because of that, from half to two-thirds of the programs are sung Polish. Mastering the combination of the difficult (but attainable!) Polish phonetics makes musical security and independence for every choir member especially important. Both music and language helps will be sent to choir members ahead of time for advance learning. Two weekend rehearsals will be scheduled in the months between the release of the roster and the actual tour dates.

From the first tour in 2004 until today, the choir’s vision has been to encourage Polish believers through meaningful music sung well by committed Christian singers.  From our experience, the choir fulfills this vision, as well as being a significant experience for each of the singers.  We continue to witness the fruit of the choir’s work, as we hear from people who have attended programs.  The Hope Singers is a significant part of our work of outreach, support and encouragement to Polish believers.  Other aspects of AIM’s work include friendship evangelism and discipleship, an English language school, a church plant, a monthly magazine, and conferences and other events.

Polish evangelical Christians are very much in the minority, making up less than 1% of Poland’s population of 38 million.  Most of them are in small churches with no more than 30 members.  They often feel isolated and alone, and sincerely appreciate support and encouragement from Christians in other places.  What better way to encourage and bless them than by visiting them with a choir of Christian singers sharing songs in their native language!