Friday-August 17

Piles of blankets roll back and smiling faces emerge.  A long night of rest and a free day ahead of us puts everyone in good spirits.  Apple fritters quickly disappear at the brunch table.  Laundry flaps in the pleasant breeze and two mowers hum.  Charity Nolt and Candice Martin give the lawn a neat trimming while Mike Stoltzfus carries off grass in a awheelbarrow.

Later, a few games of volleyball were played, tenors played the bass and altos played the sopranos.  After supper, we met to present Gustav and Maria with a hostess gift and a card.  Lavern, Lolita, Hadassah, Annaliese, Caleb, Sara, and Maria Wadel, and Maria Waldron sang a Polish version of the “Twelve Days of Christmas”.  Titus Barnhart was presented with a prize for the gentleman who guessed the nearest numer of kilometers we travelled here in Poland.  Regina Yoder received the prize for the lady who guessed the nearest number of kilometers we travelled here in Poland.

Singing, recitation, and games ended the pleasant day!

-Monica Beiler

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