Sunday- August 19

We are sitting on the bus headed back ‘home’ after our final program. Excited chatter fills the bus as the evening is discussed. Random songs are spontaneously sung. Anita passed out glow sticks that glow brightly in the dark bus.
It was our final & best program ever. And not just because the Catholic church had nice acoustics. The priest was very happy to have us there & enjoyed the music. After every song he’d clap & insert ‘Bravo,’ it was great.
I was excited when the clapping at the end turned to the traditional rhythm of an encore. Several of us were hoping & praying that we could end on Akanamandla which wasn’t sung in the program this evening. We stood around those seated and sang our hearts out. “Satan has no power, he flees far from us, alleluia!” Our hearts bursting with joy & hands raised, the last notes floated to the ceiling.
-Briana Coates

3 thoughts on “Sunday- August 19”

  1. I was at both concerts “Hope Singers,” on Sunday, August 19 (in the Baptist chapel, and in the Catholic church). It was a wonderful experience. I am very grateful to the Sisters and Brothers of the choir for the wonderful gift of a beautiful singing and prayer to God. I bless the Members of the “Hope Singers”, and all the Sisters and Brothers Mennonites. May God bless you and let you guard, let them gives you peace of mind and increases the number of members of your Church. Thank you and best regards. Zbyszek from Baptist Church.

  2. Zbyszek, thank you for your kind words and encouragment. Our desire is for God to receive all honor and glory. God bless you.

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