Monday- August 20

Well today we got to sleep in after our later evening yesterday and our two programs.  It was marvelous and most said they could have slept more.  We went down for breakfast at 9:00 and what do you know…Gustav and Maria have prepared our choir favorite-fried apple fritters!!! With much exclamation as Maria brought the platters out, we dug into what was set before us.

Today was set aside as a work day.  As Manu put it, Laverne must want to get us prepared for the real world outside of the Hope Singers!  We divided into groups and did different activities.  Some guys went to Peter’s house, a man and his family that go to the church in Minsk, and painted his roof.  A few people went to the English school and got the exciting job of cleaning the school spotless clean.  Another group went to Laverne house and did some jobs around their place.  Another group stayed here at Gustav’s and helped in different ways.  I was in this group so I know most about what happened in this group than with the others.  The 3 of us guys moved a tractor-trailer load of split firewood to an enclosed area and the extra we hauled under the porch here at the house.  Meanwhile the girls helped Maria by cleaning all the rooms and yes all the bathrooms.  There is another group of 40 people arriving tomorrow night and so we wanted to help Gustav and Maria as much as we can because they do so much for us!

This evening we are having like a recap on our 3 weeks in Poland, some high and low points of the tour and we will also be going over our flight schedules for tomorrow and working that all out!

Enjoy your day!

-Dervin Martin

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