Day 18 – Friday, August 5


Today was our second and final day of recording. Like yesterday, we had a nice breakfast at Gustaw’s and a pleasant 1 mile walk through the countryside to the train station to Mińsk Mazowiecki.

We were fortunate to have time for rest and preparation, and were able to finish our last 10 tracks with strong recordings. It felt like we were able to relax, get accustomed to the acoustic space in the music school, and focus on singing well.

We celebrated with ice cream at a shop called “Made by Kate” on the way back to the train station. Ice cream is quite popular here – it seems like every other person you meet on the street has an ice cream cone in hand – and this shop has some of the best. I had a scoop of chocolate brownie and vanilla. Most of the group came to the shop, and we made a line trailing out into the street.

Most of the group headed back to Gustaw’s for a relaxing evening. A few of us went to a small concert hosted by friends of the of the AIM staff. This concert concluded a week of music camp designed to prepared youth for music ministry in the church. It was very encouraging to hear their enthusiasm for worship. One of them had even written her own song and sang it for us.

It is hard to imagine that we have just two more concerts left! We will be giving both concerts on Sunday. As always, we ask for your prayers – that we would be used of God to communicate His truth and to bring encouragement to others.

–Jared Yoder

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  1. God’s blessings be with you. Thanks for the report, Prayers are with you. This morning I read,
    “The Lord will give peace to his people”. Psalm 29: 19. Be blessed with His peace the rest of your journey.

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