Day 17 – Thursday, August 4

This morning began with another delicious breakfast by our delightful hosts, Gustav and Maria. It helped to refresh our minds and bodies for the next several hours of intense focus that accompanies recording. Having had a short night due to returning from our northern tour, our levels of energy and concentration were less than optimal, but the day progressed better than many of us expected.

In typical Polish fashion, we caught the train to Minsk Mazowiecki. A short walk to the music school, and we arrived at our recording destination. Things began with a short devotional by Titus to set the tone for the day. After doing a few sound checks and warm-ups, we were ready to roll. The day progressed fairly rapidly, at least before lunch. But even when time seemed to slow and energy levels plummeted, God’s grace sustained us. After successfully working through part of our repertoire, we caught the train back to Gustav’s, where we were once again refreshed with a delightful meal. The day closed with a bit more rehearsal and some time to just relax.

We greatly appreciate your prayers as we finish recording and prepare for our final two concerts. It has been such a blessing to see God touching people through the music. May He continue to speak to our audiences and may we continue to humble ourselves to be used by Him.

–Bethany Brenneman

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