Day 20 – Sunday, August 7

Sunday the 7th of August, was filled with many beautiful things… most of which was in the music and food category.

By now, we all know that Polish people have fresh meat and cheese sandwiches for breakfast on Monday, as well as Wednesday and Friday, but also the other days of the week. Like Sundays. So pretty much every day.

After satisfying ourselves, we packed up into our good ol’ Nino Bus for a forty-ish minute drive to a Baptist church in Walicow, near the centre of Warsaw. This program proved to be a favourite from all thirteen of our concerts. The building had fantastic acoustics and our listeners were delightful receivers of what we had to offer.

A beautiful Polish meal was served after, as has become tradition. I’ve learned that Polish people only push you out the door and yell at you to “Hurry up!” if it involves food in another location. They’re serious about food and hospitality.

Back at Gustaw and Maria’s place in Dębe Wielkie, we figured out how to bring a little order to the chaos of our group and, with the graces of The Photographer Team, managed to take a decent group photo amongst the birches (stay tuned for the publication).

Our very own last Hope Singers 2022 program was given at a little Catholic Church tucked away in a little village with the name of Budy Barcząckie, following their evening mass. The space was a delightful one to sing in and felt like a little cherry on the top, program wise.

Back to food. The day ended with En Cuisine’s finest bowls of Barszcz and plates of duck and apple, with a side of roasted potatoes and cabbage. I think I can speak for all when I say that our stomachs and taste buds were doing happy dances. The special occasion of such delightful food was truly an amazing way to recognize the end of Hope Singers 2022.

–Charity Kauffman

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