Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Baptist Seminary

Today was a long day,
With no time to play.

Mics were set up in a beautiful chapel with a high peaked ceiling.
We sang, and re-sang, and did that over again and again.

Here is what choir members replied when asked, “How did the recording go for you?”

It was boring, but i don’t have to be entertained all the time.

It was tiring, we have to really concentrate and put on our best.

It’s going well.

It went much better than two years ago, there is not as much sharping.

I like it because we can move.

I don’t like it, it’s so strenuous.

It went pretty good, i have never done this before.

It’s kinda fun, but tiring.

It’s taxing, but great.

I would not want to do this often, it’s intense.

We made progress.

It’s going well, i enjoy it for the most part.

We are in a peaceful setting among many trees, in a quiet village not too far from Warsaw. But we had to stop singing when a plane flew overhead, a truck went by, a car started up, the floor squeaked, and happy children played.

Lloyd’s wife Mary walked in to listen. Someone commented, “Here comes the queen.”

How much time does it take to record a song?
Gott Ist Die Liebe, 50 minutes.
For He Shall Give His Angels, 40 minutes.
Niech Krol Wszezgswiata, 12 minutes
Hallelujah Amen, 14 minutes

Director Comments,
(Titus) It went well, easier and less stressful than i thought.
It helps a lot with two directors. It does not help to nit pick things to death.
We are over half done.

(Lloyd) Part of this is not fun, and part of it really is.
Both men felt it was a good day, and complimented us for our hard work.

Mary Ellen Beachy



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