Thursday, August 2

Well, today we did what you’re supposed to do at rehearsal- sing! Those of us who thought yesterday we might avoid the effects of jet lag found out otherwise today. But we pulled through with the help of prayer and coffee (and chocolate covered coffee beans.)
We were privileged to have Marcin come for about 2 hours in the afternoon and critique our Polish. He was honest about our mistakes, but he had a good sense of humor about it all. We learned how to say “zh” like a vacuum cleaner and how to put our tongues in the “downstairs” part of our mouths, plus a lot more. J
Since Hope Singers is made up of a bunch of different people, I thought I’d let the populace speak for themselves about their experiences in Poland so far. The results of my poll are as follows…. P.S. Not all choir members were a part of this poll. (Sorry to those of you who missed the opportunity to let your voice be heard.)
Q- What was one of your first impressions of Poland?
– Light switches are outside the door. Dervin
– It’s beautiful and colorful- the houses, flowers, and people’s clothes. Jessica
– Different ways of construction- Kenny
– It’s a quaint. I like the sheep and cows and the homemade cheese. Melissa
– It’s my first time in Europe. I like the long license plates on the cars. Briana
– It’s fun to watch and see how many things are different than what I’m used to. Light switches flip the wrong way. Ketchup is thicker. Taxi drivers push their cars forward to the next space instead of turning them on and driving them forward. Nate W.
Q- What is your favorite Polish food?
– Pickle soup- Jewel, Gideon
– Chocolate spread- Elaine
– Kabobs- S.Mike
– Crepe things- Nate W., Phil
– Cabbage rolls- Nate
– Soups- Titus, Carolyn
– Pierogi- Matt
Now from our songs…..
Q- What’s your favorite song from our repertoire? (Subject to change at any time)
– Alleluia- Briana
– Cantate Domino- Crystal
– Nearer My God to Thee- Kenny, Melissa, Dervin, Maria
– Otche Nash- S.Mike
– Like a River Glorious- Anita
– Glory to God- Elaine, Carolyn
– Wana Baraka- Jessica
– Akanamandla- Jewel, Gideon
– Nie W Wymowie Slow- Heather, Esther
– If We Ever Needed the Lord Before- Titus, Janek
– An Instrument of Your Peace- Phil, Nate S.
– Barka- Tim, Candace
– Down in the River- Jacob, Dorcas
– Grace Be Unto You- Matt, Nate W.
Q- What’s your favorite Polish word? (Correct spelling not guaranteed)
– Oczywiscie- Jewel
– Bzhmial- Dervin, S.Mike, Phil
– Wzwyz- Kenny, Briana, Matt, Tim, Titus
– Wciaz- Heather
– Zbudz- Melissa
– Spojzalwes- Candace
– Wysmienita- Gideon
Q- How are you feeling about Polish diction by now?
– Discouraging. Anonymous
– It’s about to “break my tongue!” Monica
– I’m feeling nervous about diction, but it’s exciting because I’m getting there. Dervin
– Cool and fun. Candace
– It’s hard to get right, but once you get it, it’s fun. Kenny
– It is very difficult. Phil
– It’s coming. It actually can be done. Nate S.
– It’s tough, but it’s fun. Briana
– Dead easy. Janek Kleczkowski
Charity Nolt

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