Saturday, July 28, 2018

This song is a wheel in a bus,

On a highway in eastern Poland-

A bus with a full load of high hopes.


For high notes

Of high musical art,

The full voices of thirty-five full hearts.


This is the wheel that turns round-

The bus that pulls to a stop-

The song we sing,

The program we finish in spite of a few missed entrances,

and unexpected avant-garde harmonies.


This was the first day,

This is the first night-


Was it good?


It was good.


This was the first day of tour,

of somebody’s  – tour de force



Was it good?

This is God’s house

  Slava v vuishnikh Bogu


This is God’s house

ina zemli mir

In which it pleases Him to dwell:

  v chelovetsekh blagovoleuiye.


By Christopher Good


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