The Hope Singers Choir is sponsored by Anabaptist International Mission, Guys Mills, PA, as an adjunct to their work in Poland. The choir began as a vision of a Polish brother and musician, Jan Wierszyłowski, and was first organized by the team in Poland for a tour there in 2004. The choir supports the work in Poland as a music ministry extension, singing in churches and other locations where they have established connections.

The Hope Singers are committed to the dual purposes of offering a high-quality program of sacred music, and of establishing significant spiritual connection with people. Musical repertoire includes a variety of sacred music and choral styles, with special attention given to music with more relevance to eastern Europe and Slavic cultures. Program selections also recognize the reality that deeper spiritual connections are more readily made in one’s mother tongue. Because of that, about 60% of the songs are sung in Polish. Most others are sung in English (increasingly familiar in Poland), with some use of Russian, German, or other occasional languages.

The choir has a target size of about 25. Singers of any level of experience may apply, and are evaluated on a combination of musical security, spiritual commitment and personal maturity. Musical evaluation is done by applicants completing a musical self-evaluation form, providing personal musical references who may be contacted, and sometimes by live audition. Participants must be age 18 or older.

The Hope Singers have followed a pattern of biennial tours since 2004. The next tour is scheduled for August, 2012. Applications will be received until February 15, 2012.

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