Wednesday, August 7, 2018

This morning’s schedule set a 9:00 breakfast which allowed for a relaxed morning. We did have to pack our bags because we’ll be staying at the Baptist Seminary in Warsaw for the next three nights while we record. After breakfast we sang “Do Lord” and “Neich Król Wszechświata” for our hosts.

Our devotional time on the bus included a story of two friends. The challenge was, “How well do I exemplify Jesus to those around me?” Then we spent a half hour in quiet time.
Because of travel delays/detours we didn’t stop for our lunch along the way as planned, but rather went all the way by a scenic route to Ostrołęka, the city of our concert. When we arrived, we walked a short distance to a mall food court for our lunch. Then walked to the hosting church to change into our concert clothes. From the church we walked to an outdoor stage in the city square. Singing in an outdoor space with choir microphones presented its challenges. It was harder for us to hear each other and the sound system squealed and popped. Pitches drove upward. A water fountain with children playing in it created distractions. However there was a responsive audience and it seemed as though there was a connection made.
After the concert, we visited with the audience a little bit before going to supper provided by the church at a restaurant. Then we walked back to the church to pick up our things and on to the bus for the ride to Warsaw. We hope we can get a good night’s rest before recording tomorrow.
Some interesting things we found out after the concert:
The church there is small. About 30 people. They started in this town 20+ years ago. They are starting a series of evangelistic meetings and we were the first part of those meetings.
Written by Benjamin Barnhart

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