Thursday, August 2, 2018

We’re back at the retreat center at Gustavs.  The day dawned beautiful and sunny, although most, if not ALL of us subscribed to the idea that if the Lord had intended us to enjoy the sunrise this morning, it would have been scheduled later in the day.  After a rigorous 5-day southern tour, a “slow” morning was welcomed.  After brunch, we scattered to small-group or solo activities, including listening to musical pieces, “puzzling” at the coffee table, bumping volleyball, reading, taking walks, munching on snacks, emailing, napping, and other forms of relaxing, rejuvenating, and re-focusing.
Meanwhile, the local staff disappeared to laundromats in Warsaw with malodorous mounds of well-“unconditioned” clothing. At the retreat center, wash lines began sagging with additional pieces. The reprieve from no concert today took on different notes; notice that even inanimate objects respond to our director’s choreography. It’s a good feeling to have clean uniforms ready-to-go.
Several afternoon hours of quiet time contributed to refreshed minds and bodies – both physically, emotionally.  We empathize with Heidi Kauffman, whose grandfather in Georgia passed away yesterday.
After supper, we convened for a 90-minute rehearsal.  Our directors connected well with the group, asking for feedback, suggestions, and reflections at this mid-point of the Tour.
-Written by Mark Beachy

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Today was Hadassah’s birthday.  She started the day with a cake for breakfast, and ended the day with a sparkler candle.  It was a good day.

We left the One World Hostel in Krakow at 9:00 am and headed for Łódż.  We made a stop along the way for lunch at a park near the ruins of a castle.  Some of us climbed the hill up to the castle ruins.  It was a steep climb, but the view at the top was well worth the effort.

We arrived at our concert location an hour later than we expected, and quickly did some rehearsing.  The location for our concert was a culture center that the local church had rented for our concert.  The important part was that the building  was air-conditioned.  We were especially thankful for the cool air, after a hot bus ride.  The air on the bus does not go round and round like we wish it did.

We had a great concert this evening, and afterward we had delicious pizza.

Now we are headed back to Gustav’s house for the next few days.  On the ride home, Uncle Matt entertained us with a bedtime story.

It’s late, and we are looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow at Gustav’s place.

Written by Esther Strickler