Sunday, July 29, 2018

Today began with a scrumptious breakfast ranging from mini crepes and scrambled eggs to various delightful meats and cheeses in our hotel in Zamość.

Because of the limits to our bus driver’s driving schedule, various men from the church collected us at our hotel and whisked us off to the local evangelical church.

This week was the beginning of a week-long Bible camp for them and we were privileged to participate in their morning service in a large tent. We enjoyed interacting with them afterwards over bigos, cakes, and kielbasa. Plenty of children kept us entertained as well.

After driving to Kolbuszowa, we unfolded ourselves from the warmth of our under air-conditioned bus and proceeded to rehearse and prepare in the town’s culture center. Though the town is wary of evangelical Christians, the concert was well attended and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The director of the center was delighted to host us and even posed with us for a photo afterwards. We were then treated to a royal spread of artistic sandwiches and an array of cakes and desserts. It was satisfying and fulfilling.

This was definitely the best program so far because of several factors. The American host pastor gave us a brief history of his work and vision in this town. The development of an evangelical presence in this town really has been an act of God. It was encouraging to see their depth of commitment and burden for the people. Also, the tuning and musicality of several of the pieces really came together. And, our audience really engaged with the pieces and there was good communication.

I asked various members of the choir to describe the concerts and events today in one word.

Morning concert:



Soggy ground

Antsy (an ant appeared on the conductor’s page)


Barbershop tags




Evening Concert:




Culture Center






Written by David Miller




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