Sunday, August 5, 2018

Did you ever wonder what it would be like spend a Sunday in Poland with Hope Singers?

Here are a few highlights of our day of rest and worship in Poland:

  • Cooler Weather!
  • Polish Hospitality – The Polish people are very generous hosts!  Our hosts kindly served us a typical Polish breakfast before leaving for our first concert.
  • Morning Concert in Gdańsk- The folks from the New Life Christian Center were friendly, respectful, and hospitable.
  • “Fellowship Meal”- The noon meal they served us was absolutely extravagant!  Two extra-large kettles of soup, grilled kielbasa, a variety of salads, fruit, beverages, and CAKE!  The dear ladies kept bringing out trays of all kinds of cakes.  It was amazing!
  • Sunday Afternoon Rest- Two concerts in one day makes for a full schedule so a time to rest was refreshing.
  • Evening Concert at the First Baptist Church in Gdańsk- This was the first time for Hope Singers to give a concert in this church.  The audience was very welcoming and receptive.  Father God was at work and hearts were touched.  Observing a gentleman in the crowd wiping a tear…the pastor sharing how the harmony of our choir is a picture of the harmony in the Trinity and the harmony that we can experience in brotherhood, are two examples that are an encouragement to us.  They also blessed us with a delicious evening meal after the concert.

Thank-You to our family and friends for your prayers and support!


Written by Kaylita Stoltzfus

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