Saturday, August 4

First day of tour!! We left Gustavs at 7:30. Trip went well till the bus started smoking and we all had to bail out. Sat there for about 2 and a half hrs. till another bus came. Felt bad for the poor driver cause he actually bought the bus so that he could take us. Got to Bochnia round 4 and had a partial program in the town square starting at 5. So all 32 of us choir members changed in about 15 min.!!! AMAZING for a bunch a Mennonites!!! Program went well for as little prep time as we had. Ate supper at a little restaurant there in town, then drove about an hour to o our hostel. Arrived soon after 10 all pretty much exhausted. Please keep praying for us as we travel. Nate Stoltzfus

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