Saturday, August 11, 2018

Today started out with some refreshing rain, but ended with some lovely blue sky and some sunshine!  With recording finished, we were privileged with a free day to explore the exciting capital of Poland, Warsaw.  Many memories were made throughout today!

We started the day at the Baptist Seminary, were given rides to the train station (with some people enjoying the ride from the trunk), explored and enjoyed Warsaw, and everyone eventually made it back to Dębe Wielkie (Gustav’s place/ our home base/ rehearsal location) for a relaxing evening.

The choir members were able to enjoy a variety of things that Warsaw has to offer.  Below are some locations and events that the different groups enjoyed:

Coffee; Fresh, warm donuts; Warsaw Zoo; Chopin Museum; Nowy Świat; Traditional Polish cuisine; Warsaw Uprising Museum; Polish Bolesławiec pottery; Souvenir shopping; Gofry (waffles with whipped cream, fresh fruit, nutella,  or chocolate syrup); Ice-Cream; Zapiekanki; Street musicians (some choir members busking as well); Warsaw Old Town; People watching; Warsaw Palace of Culture; plus much more!

But most of all, we enjoyed each other’s company!  Being together for 3 weeks has made this group of choir members into a family.  We care about each other, and know that we will never have this exact situation and opportunity to do it again.

Thank you for your continual support through reading our posts, viewing our photos, and mostly, for your thoughts and prayers!  THANK-YOU!


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