Hope Singers Tour 2016 – August 6

August 6, 2016
This morning started out with something a little special at the breakfast table. We were served cream filled Crepes and Hot Chocolate, along with the usual bread, cheese, tea, and coffee.
We packed up, leaving the friendly, hospitable home of Gustaw and Maria behind. Today we headed south to Turek.
We had a short two hour ride and found ourselves in a small town, walking- again. This time to a restaurant, where the hosting church paid for our lunch. They served us the most tender chicken, along with potatoes and two kinds of cabbage salads; delicious- again!
We returned to the church with pastor Jozef and emerged in our sophisticated garb of black. Jumped on the bus and found ourselves in a different situation, again. This afternoon we would be singing in a tent in the middle of the town park. We were scheduled to help the church as part of their Christian Culture Week. We gave our concert at 4:00pm and then took seats among the audience. The pastor climaxed the message we were trying to portray with an evangelical meditation, “Ye must be born again”.
We returned to the stage to close the service with, “Come Ye Sinners”.
Again, we tried our best to communicate with the few Polish words we know and the bit of English that these people know. I was blessed by a nice conversation with Beata, who apologized that she didn’t know much English. Despite her hesitations, we had quite a lengthy conversation. I was encouraged by her comment that she felt the presence of God while we sang and that it made her think of heaven.
After our visiting we drove another 2 hours to the Hostel where we will rest for the night. Hostel Haga is in the city of Czestochowa, in south east Poland.
Through another day- Again, The Lord was faithful.
Great is Thy faithfulness!
Blessed to be part of the ministry of Hope Singers in Poland,
Krista M. Histand


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Diane H - August 6, 2016 Reply

It’s great to read your thoughts Krista. FB said pictures soon, we look forward to those and enjoy each one. We are also hoping, no pun intended, for a few you tubes soon as well.
Krista’s mom for all of us
Praying for you all!

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