Hope Singers Tour 2016 – August 5th

The start of our day was very relaxing. We had breakfast at 9:00 before heading to the nearby train station and departing for Minsk. I think we’re learning a bit about European public transit etiquette. As soon as our very lively group entered the train we all transitioned to an alternate state of being where silence was the norm, and conversation was kept to a minimum. Upon leaving the train we resumed our sociable ways.


We first went to the Gateway To English school for a presentation about the work in Poland. From there, we divided into groups to tour the town. Minsk is not really a touristy city, so we experienced a slightly different view of Poland than we did the other days touring in Gdansk and Warsaw. We visited the open air market, a lovely little coffee and tea shop, ate pizza for lunch, and stopped for ice cream on our way back to the school where we prepared for our program.


Since Minsk is the hometown of a few of the choir members on tour, this program was especially special for them. Among those in attendance was the town’s mayor…quite exciting! The venue was hot and noisy (we especially appreciated the sirens and train whistles), and we felt tired from our day of sightseeing. However, with all that, we still were able to get through our program with relative smoothness. Praise God!


After the program we departed for The Palace for a wonderful meal prepared for us by Chef Pawel Bes, a student at Gateway To English. We had a very relaxing evening there, eating, and even singing a few songs for the staff.


All in all, a very good day.


Solo Deo Gloria


-Darren Nisly-



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