Hope Singers Tour 2016 – August 3

Our day began last morning. A bit later than some mornings, which was good, but a bit sad in that we left the wonderful place at which we had been staying for the last few days. We started with a typical Polish breakfast – bread, cheese, tomatoes, radishes, tea, and instant coffee if necessary. All packing needed to be done before breakfast in order to leave promptly at 9 AM.

Once on the road, we faced a very long (4 hours) bus drive from (close to) Gdansk to Warsaw. Once on the bus, we settled into various Rook games, conversations, a good book, or a good set of earphones. Lunch stop was about half way there where we were met with very pleasant but chilly weather. Several people dropped their sandwiches as they passed through the food line; many bought coffee; all were satisfied with great food.

There was no program – our day consisted chiefly of, apart from travel, touring the city of Warsaw. We split into two groups – one to Old Town Warsaw, and another to visit a nice pottery shop; yes, in Warsaw.

I was in the group that went for pottery. Besides spending many Zloty, we tried to find locker space to store our stuff while we went to E. Wedel’s. To our chagrin, the lockers were all closed due to increased bomb security because World Youth Day will be held in Kraków within the next few days. So we carried our stuff to E. Wedel’s, where we experienced the wonderful melted chocolate beverages that they have there.

After E. Wedel’s Chocolate, we agreed to walk towards the train station rather than away from it in our search for food, willing instead to wait for the train to arrive than to arrive at the same time as the train. We found a nice fast food restaurant that served wonderful Kebabs. We spent about thirty minutes there before finding our way to the train station, where we waited for the train to come.

After disembarkment, we walked approximately one kilometer to our place of residence. Upon arrival at our destination, we reclaimed our luggage that had been sent ahead with the bus, set our stuff in order, and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

-Joel Weaver


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