Hope Singers Tour 2016 – August 14th

It’s time to pack up the music folders. Really, it’s hard to believe that the last concert is over. Our day began with a great breakfast at the hotel. We pulled out just before 8:00 heading to the little village of Janikowo with a brief stop along the way at a recreated 18th century Mennonite settlement. The little church at Janikowo was a great place to sing, and we promptly worked on standing arrangements etc. The starting time arrived quickly and our last concert was under way. Once again, our small audience enjoyed every moment.
English, German, Russian, Latin, Polish-the power of music proved to be connective, and we marveled again the way God’s Spirit can communicate on many different levels across many barriers. In proper fashion, the service was followed with a spread of tea, coffee, and Polish cakes. They were wonderful, and served as an appetizer for the lunch we were directed to at a nearby restaurant. There’s something satisfying in the “dessert first” approach. Then
we were back on the bus for a longer than expected ride back to Gustav’s. We had a chance to unpack and stretch out a bit before gathering around a fire and roasting kielbasa. Thanks to the AIM team and the church here for making it a very enjoyable finish to the day. It feels good to be back here at “home” and be able to unwind a bit from the past week. Till tomorrow…
Titus Barnhart


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Diane H - August 15, 2016 Reply

From a parent/ family perspective, we want to thank you for the opportunity to read what you were doing. It was so nice to stay in touch! We look forward to all Krista will add to the story when she returns home. God bless each choir member as they return. May this trip/ experience influence your life. Be faithful! Blessings to your director and wife, and AIM as well.
John, Diane Histand and family

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