Hope Singers Tour 2016 – August 12th

Today was another day of recording. We began our day in the dining room at the seminary for breakfast around 8:00. After breakfast we met in the chapel for a vocal warm-up and devotional.

Since we had accomplished so much yesterday everyone seemed relaxed but somewhat lacking in energy. Tuning was not as secure, and we had to restart multiple times. By lunch at 1:30, we had three songs recorded of the eight we needed to do.

With an hour off, we returned to finish. After much hard work we finished what Mr. Lloyd had hoped to do in 2 – 2 1/2 hours we did in just under four.

The relief of being done!! I can’t really explain it. We had a clapping session for Mr. Lloyd (he was so patient with us even though we took so long today) and his dear wife Mary (who attended every program and sat in on a lot of the rehearsals and recording) and Jonathan (the recorder).

After a long day of singing we were both tired and hungry. We ate supper and afterwards a few faithful people worked on packing up things for our traveling tomorrow while the rest goofed off – talking, can jam, spikeball, etc. Lavern went over the weekend schedule around 8:00, and soon after that was finished, we had ice cream! Thanks to the great staff who have been beyond good to us!

A small sprinkling of people sang several new and old songs while the rest did more destressing activities and for some that included conversations on a vast variety of subjects(drugs, schoolteaching, etc.) At 10:30 dorm time called us to close our evening activities, and we retired to our rooms.

 -Victoria Troyer


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