Hope Singers 2016 Tour – August 10th

August 10, 2016


One eye opens. The second follows suite. They look out the window, letting in some dim morning light. Eye 1 and 2 then look at the clock, “You’re hiding me,” Eye 1 mutters.

“What?” Eye 2 mumbles. He was so tired he couldn’t focus.

“The numbers say 415.”

“Eye-yi-yi,” 2 slurs as he falls back into a deep sleep.


It was a rainy, cool day in the faraway land of Poland. A kayaking trip had been planned but was canceled due to the weather. Although slightly disappointing, it may have been for our best well being. You see the next two days are recording so just chilling isn’t all that bad.


The morning was spent drinking coffee, practicing music, bonding with electronics, or talking about the wonders of life.   At 12 o’clock we stopped our loitering around and sat attentively at the feet of Lloyd our master conductor. He led us in ironing out a number of inconsistencies in our repertoire.


Around 2 o’clock we filed into the dining room for Turkish Kebabs. These had been graciously ordered and delivered by Marlin.

“How is your kebab arranged?”

“Meat to the right, cabbage to the left,” Titus replies.

“I wish they would do it in layers,” Benjamin responds.


A few minutes before 3, big Bertha (our bus) arrived. Robed in our uniforms we climbed aboard once more.


Six o’clock arrived and once again we opened our mouths in an attempt to make a joyful noise. All in all the program went well.


At the end of the last song we were greeted with a hearty applause along with red roses for the girls and sunflowers for the guys. It was a joyous occasion!


And then there was food! Glorious food!! Large pizzas to be exact. This was followed by chocolates, cakes, cookies, and coffee.


Then we rolled out. J


-Abigail Schlabach

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