Friday, August 3

Ready or not- here we go! Our 3rd and final day of rehearsal is finally over.  The rust is slowly giving way to areas of Polish and wonder(Thanks to Lloyd)!  Departure tomorrow is an early 7:30.  It’sbeen great to work together as a group- getting to know each other, balancing our strengths and weaknesses, finding ways to serve each other-just generally living in a communinty.  We trust God’s spirit to continue to develope that in the next weeks.  As a side note, Elaine Stoltzfus injured her foot playing a game of soccer late last evening.  The swelling and pain were still considerable this morning so Laverne arranged for x-rays.  Thankfully nothing is broken and it should heal, but pray for Elaine as she struggles with the pain and the restraintof her usually energetic style.  Pray for the whole group as well, that we would allow God to empower us and enable us to serve.  All for now- Titus Barnhart

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