Friday, August 3, 2018

Our morning and afternoon was spent touring the town of Mińsk Mazowiecki.  This was exciting in different ways, the best being that we as a choir were able to see the town and general location where the AIM staff work and live.  Mińsk is not a touristy town, but there were still some locations to experience. 
After a short train ride to Mińsk, on which the conductor said he didn’t need to check tickets because of the large group of “sisters”, we split into different groups to make touring simpler.  I believe that all the groups went to the open air market sometime throughout the day.  Most choir members had a wonderful taste of the amazing garlic, dill pickles sold by a family that has had a stand there for years, others bought hats, blueberries, delicious raspberries, shoes, pants, and other items.
Other sights that the groups saw and experienced were:
Mińsk Palace of Culture (some groups cooled off by running through the fountain)
The park beside the palace
Ekler & Kawa Czy Herbata (Cafe) 
Some type of quick restaurant for a light lunch
Amazing Ice-cream shops
Our choir then met at the English school, Gateway to English, where we changed into our choir uniforms, rehearsed, and ate some dinner provided by the dear folks from Agape church.  As soon as possible we headed over to the Music School Center for our concert.  This building is new and the auditorium and stage were amazing!
We all felt the presence of God during our concert!  Praise God!  Being able to sing to a crowd that had our friends, family, students, and neighbors in it, seemed to make it go even better!  For me, this concert made it to the top of the charts.
Saturday, we again leave bright and early for another 5 day tour.  We appreciate the prayers, especially for those that are struggling with sickness!
God bless!

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